Range Danger Area
This page is provided for the benefit of people who may enter that area of the Holey Plains State Park which serves as the Range Danger Area for the Rosedale Rifle Range.

Range Danger Areas (RDAs) are regulated by Victoria Police through the Firearms Act 1996, and are a safety measure put in place for the unlikely event that a bullet goes beyond the target and outside of the restricted rifle range boundary. As with all Victorian Rifle Association (VRA) affiliated rifle ranges, Rosedale Range conforms with an approved design to prevent hazardous richochets, and has a height approved bank (stop butt) behind the targets. Combined with a high degree of range discipline enforced via the Range Standing Orders and Standard Shooting Rules, instances of bullets straying outside of the Range are few. However, the RDA provides an extra level of safety, and Rosedale Rifle Clubs have undertaken to improve public awareness as to its location, and to provide up to date information about shooting times at the Range.

The map below shows the RDA boundary in red. The RDA extends to 1830 metres behind the targets, with a maximum width of 740 metres. This complies with Victoria Police requirements. Parts of the RDA closest to the range cover private properties. The VRA and property owners maintain agreements for these parts of the RDA which ensure that safety issues are addressed there. However most of the RDA extends into the Holey Plains State Park and the information on this page is primarily for the benefit of visitors to the affected area of the Park.
Note that the boundary of the RDA is not marked on the ground. However there are signs erected at several points where current access roads intersect the RDA boundary. These locations are marked with a red symbol on the map above. The signs are as per the picture at right. If you do intend to be in the general area of the RDA on days when shooting is programmed (see below) please familiarise yourself with this map and the sign locations to ensure you stay clear of the RDA.

Programmed Shooting Days for the Weeks Ahead (Updated 4/08/22)

August 2022
Friday 5th
Saturday 6th
Sunday 7th
Friday 12th
Saturday 13th
Friday 19th
Saturday 20th
Friday 26th
Saturday 27th

September 2022
Friday 2nd
Saturday 3rd
Sunday 4th
Friday 9th
Saturday 10th
Friday 16th
Saturday 17th
Friday 23rd
Saturday 24th
Friday 30th

1. No shooting will start before 8:30am
2. Where shooting finishes early, it is noted next to the date. Otherwise, assume it may continue during daylight hours.
3. If a Total Fire Ban is declared for any of the above dates, shooting will be cancelled.

President : Colin McDonald 0419 563 804 cmcd3759@gmail.com

Secretary : Peter Donoghue 0419 807 055 pdonaz@gmail.com